Possible Uses:

  • Office Space
  • Activity Center
  • Business Space
  • Art Studio
  • Yoga or Exercise Room
  • Pool House
  • Recreation Room
  • Club House
  • Community Center
  • Multipurpose Room
  • Extra Living or Storage

OCENTER™ Specifications

  • Approximately 1000 sq. ft.
  • Hexagonal Shape
  • Ceiling Height Spans 8 – 11 Feet
  • Sliding Movable Walls Easily Divides Unit in Half
  • Join more than one unit and open them all up together for extra space
  • Each unit can be customized for plumbing, electrical needs and creative wall paneling options such as a kitchen, restroom, labs, storage and counters built into walls and other endless possibilities.

Greener: Built from 44 Sustainable Design Elements and minimal waste construction.

Faster: Built within 3 weeks.

Better: 30+ years of solid experience. High Performance Building. Innovative design.

Healthier: Healthy for the occupants and the planet.

Maximum Value: All-inclusive appliances and a lifetime of savings on your energy, water and maintenance fees.

Price will vary depending on area and sourcing of building materials. Pricing excludes: Land, Engineering, Permits, Foundation, Utilities, Shipping and Assembly – Quotes Available Upon Request.